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Classic Party Rentals of Virginia Featured on
Posted on: 7/28/2014  by Angela

We were so honored to be included in a feature of one of our recent weddings on This beautiful couple chose the perfect location to exchange their I Do's, and were surrounded by a selection of the region's best professionals. Take a look at the board, and let us know what you think! We can't wait to speak with you about your dream wedding!

Click here to see all of the beautiful photos!

Thank you to the following professionals for contributing Arielle and Scott's wedding day!

Photo by PW Photography
Venue: Historic Mankin Mansion
Floral Design by The Green Flamingo
Bride's Gown by Marisa from Bella Rosa Bridal
Hair by Jessica Kroll
Makeup by Jessica Kroll and Carly Whiting
Groom's Attire from Bella Rosa Bridal

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Behind the Scenes Part 3 – The Chair Specialist
Posted on: 7/21/2014  by Angela

It might seem silly that we have deemed it necessary to identify, train, and celebrate our Chair Specialist, but the role is no small one in our business. Every event professional knows that clean, well-maintained chairs can make or break an event. You only have to arrive on site once with the idea that your chairs will be presentable, yet discover chairs that appeared to stand out in rain and mud all night to know there’s a difference.

Chairs, unlike kitchen items and linens, don’t necessarily need sanitizing between uses, but they do need careful inspection. Sometimes they are returned to us in pristine condition, other times they can be returned in a dirty, wet, or muddy state. That is when our Chair Specialist’s job really begins. 

As chairs are returned from events, the Chair Specialist hand washes each and every one as it comes off of the truck. Hand washing them also allows him to inspect them individually and set aside any that might need repair. Once he cleans about 25-50 of the same kind, he stacks them and marks them "clean” so he delivery guys know which ones are showtime-ready for our customer events. The Chair Specialist also identifies chivaris that need to go through our chair painting system for best possible presentation. 

Do we have to pay this much detail to attention? Perhaps not, but the thought of our clients cleaning up from our last event doesn’t sit well with us, and we want each and every bride or party host to feel special and confident in our product. The three processes described in our Behind the Scenes series are labor-intensive, for sure, but we know from the smiles on our clients’ faces, the hugs we get at return, and the countless thank you note and stellar reviews we enjoy, that we are doing the right thing!

Allow us to offer a huge thank you to Quarterman Photography and Crystal Neilson-Hall Photography for the use of the images used in the Behind the Scenes article series!

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Behind the Scenes Part 2: Let Classic Party Rentals of VA Do the Dishes!
Posted on: 7/14/2014  by Angela

In Part 1 of our Behind the Scenes series, we revealed some of our effective and complex methods for processing your linen orders from start to finish. Our kitchen pieces, like your plates, glassware, serving and other food-related items are similarly inventoried, pulled, and double-checked before delivery or pick up, but there are some unique steps involved in cleaning, sanitizing, and ensuring that they are as easy for our customers to use as possible.

If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of a large, catered event, or even the state of your own kitchen after you have thrown your own party, you know the ominous feeling to settling in to wash the dishes when the fun has ended. Classic Party Rentals of Virginia takes that dreaded moment "off of your plate” whether you are caterer or hobbyist, allowing you to enjoy the adoration of your guests. We do not require our customers to rinse or wash their glasses, china, or flatware – just that those items be scraped or wiped clean. Who wouldn’t willingly turn over their dirty dishes to the pros?

Customers return the items in their respective racks, then each piece is hand cleaned before going through the sanitization process. Once dried, the full racks are wrapped in plastic to keep them protected from debris until they go to their next destination.

Next time you plan an event small or large, consider renting your kitchenware and equipment, and save yourself the time and frustration that a room full of dirty dishes can cause!

In Part 3 of the Behind the Scenes series, prepare to encounter our Chair Specialist! Once again, many thanks to Quarterman Photography and Crystal Neilson-Hall Photography for contributing the behind-the-scenes images!

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Behind the Scenes Part 1: Follow a Linen Order from Showroom to Event and Back to the Warehouse
Posted on: 7/9/2014  by Angela

Have you ever wondered how Classic Party Rentals of Virginia manages dozens of events, thousands of rental pieces, and all of our VIP clients each week in what appears to be seamless transactions – or maybe how we stay sane as we manage all of the details? The answer is a complex system of checks and balances managed by a meticulous and caring staff with decades of experience.

The first step, of course, is our client consultation. Our associates meet with each of our clients in our custom showroom to discuss event details, offer sage advice, and even demonstrate what different combinations of linens, chairs, and décor pieces might look like on the event day. Our showroom is our design "playground” where we can mix, match, love, or reject ideas and eventually narrow down the choices to that perfect combination for each unique client. Initial orders reflect best estimates of guest counts, table sizes, and various needs, and final orders are tweaked before the event date for accuracy.

Once our orders have been finalized for the week, we run a report to see what is going out, and what is coming back in. This allows us to ensure that we have what we need in stock, completely ready to go. This is especially important in the linen department and in the kitchen as we have to clean and sanitize those items thoroughly each time they are used. Even if we have to sort through used linens by hand, we will locate all the ones we need for the next round of orders and give them priority cleaning to send them to the front of the processing line. All returned linens and kitchenware are given timely attention before taking their place on our warehouse shelves, of course! 

Linens are treated in our huge washing machine and appropriate chemicals are used to ensure they are both pristine and sanitary. Once cleaned, we use a press that runs at about 400 degrees to simultaneously dry and smooth them. Once pressed and dry, our staff puts them through a little "dance” as we lovingly call it, where they fold each piece and replace it on its appropriate shelf.

Our checks and balances are most important when we pull the linens for delivery. One person from the linen department reviews the order packing list and pulls the physical inventory from the shelves. That person must re-write each item on a two-ply sheet including size, color, and fabric, and sign off that the order has been pulled and check.

A second person from the linen department then goes back through the order and verifies all of the details and signs off on the same sheet. This person packs the linens in a bag so they are ready for delivery or customer pick up. Even though each order is double-checked, linens are packaged with an emergency after hours number just in case there is a discrepancy, so our clients can be extra certain they are in good hands. 

Once the event has concluded, the linens are picked up or returned by our clients, and the whole intricate process begins again! In Part 2 of our Behind the Scenes series, you’ll see how we handle our kitchen items, and in Part 3, we’ll introduce you to the wonderful world of the "Chair Specialist!” 

Our thanks to Quarterman Photography and Crystal Neilson-Hall Photography for contributing the behind-the-scenes images!

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