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Surprise Guests? No Problem!
Posted on: 12/8/2014  by Angela

We've all had it happen, it's been smooth sailing and you didn't have any big plans for a big deal holiday dinner.  Then, your husband or wife hangs up the phone and you hear those dreaded words blare down the hall, "Honey!  Guess who's coming to dinner!?"  Whether that "guess who" happens to be your parental in-laws, brother or sister in laws, the know it all, always together neighbors from up the street, Classic Party Rentals has EXACTLY what you need to keep their mouths shut and bellies full this holiday season!


Don't scurry around in these last couple of weeks trying to dig out a full set of you "good china". If your house is anything like mine, the kids have gotten into the silverware and buried the spoons in the back yard playing pirate (is that only at my house?  Oh, ok...).   Go instead to the place that has it all: china, glass and stemware, forks that don't bend (Just ask Uncle Bubba), additional seating, and of course an amazing selection of beautiful linen at affordable prices. 


Leave a lasting impression by trying something new, like putting one of our cocktail tables in a corner with a card that everyone can sign for grandmas next birthday.  Or one of our easels with a blank canvas and some paints, ask everyone to paint a section for a one of a kind family piece of art.  Having kids over?  Why not make them feel extra special with their very own kids table with matching chairs, all just their size.  Whomever your "guess who" might be,  kill em' with kindness and class this holiday, you never know, that extra special touch may be what warms their heart.

Thank you to Julie Renee Photography and C&A Events for the beautiful images!

Classic Party Rentals of Virginia

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Classic Party Rentals Honored by Virginia Living Magazine
Posted on: 12/1/2014  by Angela

We are so excited to be selected by Virginia Living as one of the Top Wedding Vendors for 2015!

Top Wedding Vendors 2015 is a comprehensive list of hundreds of the highest quality wedding professionals throughout the Commonwealth and will appear in Virginia Living Weddings, a special supplement to the February 2015 issue celebrating the unique tradition of weddings done in grand Virginia style.

Virginia Living's editorial staff reviewed hundreds of vendors in more than 30 categories and selected only those who consistently deliver the highest quality products and customer service. It feels amazing to be recognized by such a respected institution for our hard work, and we thank every one of our past and present clients for helping us get here!

Check newsstands in early January for the new publication!

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Diary of a Wedding Planner
Posted on: 11/6/2014  by Angela

Resolutions to life experiences can often seem simple and straight to the point when you’re on the outside looking in, and it’s not any different when you’re an event planner working on your own big day, right?  So when I realized that our own Angela Smith planned her own TWO ceremonies, reception and honeymoon in the last several months I couldn’t resist the urge to get the "tea” (latest gossip).  If any of you know Angela, I’m sure you know her as the hilariously funny, pragmatic problem solver. 

Alanna: Where was the ceremony?

Angela: We celebrated our family ceremony at the property of dear friends on the James River with about 25 people total. It was very small and very meaningful. We just returned from our symbolic ceremony at a resort in the Dominican Republic called the Melia Caribe Tropicale with seven of our closest friends.

Alanna: You’re such a workaholic (I’ve accused you of secretly being a cyborg!). Did you take time off for a honeymoon?

Angela: You’re hilarious. I came back to work on the 21st, then left for Punta Cana a week later. I’m glad to be back, but I’m sure missing mai tai’s on the beach and the pure relaxation. Think it will work here if I say "drink please”?

Alanna: I’m sure people assumed that planning your own weddings was a walk in the park for you as you plan events for a living. Did your planning go smoothly? What challenges did you face before the wedding?

Angela: Boy, that’s an illusion for sure!!! It was not easy to plan the ceremonies, parties, and wedding-moon at all.  I must say, being in the business actually made it more difficult. Timing was awful due to the busy season. Then, it was so hard to choose from all of the wonderful and fabulous vendor friends I have in the industry. That’s the main reason we decided to keep the whole thing super small and go away for the wedding. I love everyone, and wish I could have invited them all, but the reality was that it wasn’t possible. I certainly would have hurt someone’s feelings as there are so many uber-talented professionals who I work with!

It doesn’t help that I have mush brain. I am so busy at work and at home with my kids in sports that it was hard to keep up with wedding plans. I felt super behind by the time the event days arrived. If it wasn’t for my BFF and Maid of Honor, Tiffani, I don’t know how I would have been able to do it all! It’s a fact – hiring a wedding planner is a necessity – not a luxury!

Alanna: What kind of last-minute details did you have to attend to?

Angela: I was tying up loose ends for both weddings until the last minute. We waited on response cards for our family dinner. We had to find dresses for our daughters for the wedding as one hated hers and the other’s got lost in the mail! We had a timeline to make and a contact list called "Call anyone but the bride!” There were a bazillion small details and I was always afraid I was missing something important. That, on top of working, caused some major stress, but I was always confident it would come together.

I was proud to avoid being Bridezilla and to stay easy going about the process. The best part is that I married my best friend and the love of my life, and that we blended our families into one.

Interview by Alanna Rivera, Assistant Event Coordinator

Classic Party Rentals of VA

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To Print or Not to Print…THAT is the Question
Posted on: 11/4/2014  by Angela

A napkin:  Just an unimportant piece of cloth in the grand scheme of your wedding reception or party. Right?  Actually, this simple bit of fabric is a little item that can pack a huge punch for any event!  Printed napkins in particular can add a ton of flair to simple, solid colored linens at a marginal cost.


Need a visual comparison? A standard 8 person table setting would cost an average of $37 per table using a simple printed table linen and solid colored napkins, vs. just $26 dollars for a solid colored table linen with 8 printed napkins.  Now how’s THAT for a bang for your buck?!

So how do you feel about using printed napkins for your next event? 

Love it? or Not so much… 


Whichever you choose, remember that Classic Party Rentals offers a great selection of fun and functional napkins that can go a long way in leaving the lasting impression that you so desire. Be sure to stop by one of our 2 locations to explore your creative side and feel free to share your ideas with us!  Party on!

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