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Make Sure It Fits!
Posted on: 9/15/2014  by Angela

Oh, we are nothing if not detail oriented here at Classic Party Rentals of Virginia. We love pressed linens, shiny silver – and fashion that flatters. We also attend a lot of special events, and what we’ve seen behooves us to share this most important piece of advice: make sure your attire fits!

There is perhaps no more photographed event than a wedding. So, it boggles our minds that VIPs, attendants, and guests don’t pay more attention to their wardrobe selections before showing up to celebrate. Do you really want that disastrous frock caught on film for future generations to enjoy? Why do you want to give the impression that you wore your younger, more slender brother’s tux to save a few bucks?

The solution is simple. Find a tailor or seamstress in your area, and spend the time and minimal expense to have your ensemble fitted especially for you.  A professional can eliminate unflattering folds and bulges, and accentuate your positive features. You’ll be able to truly put your best foot forward, and won’t have to live down photos or fear that they will accidentally show up all over social media. Think of all of the time you’ll save un-tagging yourself and praying that your coworkers don’t catch sight of a blackmail worthy image! 

If you are renting formalwear, please pick it up early enough to allow your supplier to replace or adjust pieces that are too big or too small. Closing time on Friday before the wedding is too late. Arrange for a mid-week pick up, and try it on before you leave the shop. Insist that the rest of your wedding party do so as well. The same advice applies to bridesmaid dresses, and even bridal gowns. Do not wait until the last minute. Allow enough time to fix what has gone horribly wrong so you can enjoy yourself on the wedding day.

Recap – what have you learned? We hope that you will take the expert advice of event professionals who attend literally hundreds of events each year. Take your wedding attire to a reputable seamstress or tailor and ask them nicely to save your reputation and online credibility. Make sure your wedding attire fits!

Your Classic Party Rentals of Virginia Friends

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What We Love - An Insider's Perspective - Amanda Wade
Posted on: 9/8/2014  by Angela

We've spent some time thinking, of late, what we love most about our jobs, our clients, our industry and our unique opportunities at Classic Party Rentals of Virginia. Love is meant to be shared, so we'll start with our very own Amanda Wade and her "What I Love" thoughts.

Amanda says:

"I love the detail that brides put into their weddings to show their individuality. The tiniest things, from personalized wedding favors, a broach for the bride's bouquet from her grandmother, to the personalized design on the invitations, show how much thought a couple has invested in their big day."

Thank you, Amanda! We share your love of the details and appreciate your passion for what we do!

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Goodbye Boring Bars!
Posted on: 9/4/2014  by Angela

Next time you host a corporate event, a holiday party, or even a wedding reception, say goodbye to rows of boring glassware next to big tubs of ice and bottles of beer, wine and liquor. Say hello, instead, to something way more fun! Designers are reinventing bars as attractive feature pieces. Some are creating comfy lounges where guests can congregate long after dinner has ended, and others are appointing bars with "look at me!” flair. Even simple non-alcoholic stations are upgraded from carafes of juices, tea, and water. Glass urns with cut fruit, or alternative glassware like mason jars with pretty striped straws draw guests in and keep them coming back for more.

When placing your rental order, ask what kind of bar options you have that would complement your look and venue. Consider different glass designs, adventurous linens, or maybe a different style of table like our pretty, rustic wood tables. Group comfortable upholstered seating nearby, and add some upgraded lighting like chandeliers, or even torches at the right time of year. Pay attention to the tiniest details. Order custom signage to help guests choose their specialty beverages, or have a talented team member use chalk art skill to make an easy-to-read and whimsical menu board.

Think "big” – as in, the Big Bar. Your caterer can be a good source of bar pieces to make up a gargantuan, functional centerpiece for your cocktail period. Consult with a lighting designer to highlight the best features, and you will be sure to wow your guests.

No one should equate a bar with "boring”. Ask our rental experts for advice and jazz up your beverage stations for your next event. We can’t wait to help!

Classic Party Rentals of Virginia

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Classic Party Rentals of Virginia Participates in Stunning Event Featured in The Knot
Posted on: 8/18/2014  by Angela

We are so excited about this latest press, mostly because we have to agree - the event was stunning! We were honored to work with a team of the region's most talented pros on a "Secret Garden Glamour" market party for The Knot. Thank you to all of our colleagues for collaborating on this stellar event. Congratulations to all!

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